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20% off any Sound Mountain Entertainment Wedding DJ/MC package.

If you are reading this! CONGRATULATIONS!

Last year wasn't the best— on many of us, and especially those who had been excited and put an enormous effort into a grand day, to be left disappointed due to the pandemic. Well, I have honored any contracts from last year, and anyone who really needed the money back, I just refunded. And I would like to continue helping as much as I can by offing 20% off any of my packages. I am still taking bookings for 2021 but booking up quickly. Please contact me at the information below.

I have been doing this for many, many years. It is my job to assure that you have nothing to worry about with entertainment As long as I have adequate power and preferably Wifi, ample time to discuss particulars (songs, family information, etc.), I am all set. That's my job. So after a few talks, we extensively nail down my wedding information submission form, iron out any kinks along the way, and you can just depend on me to have a great sound— proper MC, lighting— really anything you need. After all, it is your BIG DAY!

Thank you,

Peyton Thomas

Sound Mountain Entertainment

360-441-5200 (personal)

720-580-1200 (business)

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